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If you would have told me 10 or so year ago that I could stand in a room full of technologists and proudly put up my hand in response to the question “Who here is a Javascript Developer?”, I would have called you a liar.

In fact, there where times in my career where I just kept this little bit of information tucked nicely inside my vest whilst wearing the coat of many other colors.

So much has happened in the Javascript world that I wanted to finally take a moment and recognize this, to say it out loud…maybe even start a conversation.

Thanks to modern technologies like Node, we can now build a complete end to end application in Javascript.

We can use data packets (JSON) for an entire lifespan of usefulness without needing to be converted to anything else.

We can have amazing frameworks like Angular and Backbone ( to name just two ) to build great web apps.

Thanks to tools like Karma and Jasmine unit testing can easily be part of the design and development process.

Yeoman, Bower make it easy to scaffold our apps and manage the packages ( libraries ) that we use, while Grunt will run tasks, build and server our projects.

Frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap enable fast, easy and responsive web development ‘out of the box’.

Entire careers and eco-systems have been made around building and maintaining libraries like jQuery and it’s many flavors.
jQuery, one of the ‘oldest’ and commonly used libraries build on Javascript, has been a boon in speedier development because it handles much of the heavy lifting under the hood, while also abstracting vanilla Javascript away from the novice user and allowing mere mortals to develop like a pro.

And it’s pretty likely that one or many more of these tools together at the same time.

So, here’s to today and the future.

If you’re a web developer and any of the names of these tools are foreign to you, I would strongly encourage a little research and experimenting with them.

Again, I have not even come close to mentioning all the new tools and toys by name or what they do, but you will find all kinds of stuff on your modern journeys.

Be careful out there!

Links of Awesome:

npm ( node package manager )
A simple guide to responsive design
Require(JS File and Module loader )

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